If you'd like a tighter feeling in your vagina or anus, move up to of our extra large dildos, just don't let your eyes overload your anus or vagina. Some of these big boys are 3 inches or more in thickness.

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Extra Large Dildos
It's important to note that Extra Large Dildos are not for everyone, only the experienced players should consider these monsters. You'll find all of them are much larger than an average size penis, so for a comparison, a soda can measures 2.5 inches across. It's obvious a user should apply an adequate amount of lubricant to make entry smoother and with less friction. For many of us, it helps to warm up with a smaller dong before inserting one of these big boys. There are many different types, styles and sizes, some are made from rubber, latex and even wood while silicone is a very good material for the feel and it's hygienic value. More and more dildos are now being made from newer lifelike materials and PVC, (aka jelly rubber) with a sensuous feel. Generally glass sex toys, silicone and Cyberskin are somewhat smaller than the extra large dildos. There are several colors and many different sizes, the lengths and diameter vary greatly, many have a set of balls and many models have a suction cup base. As you shop you'll see a number of these products that have an informational video to help you decide.
Scene StealerScene Stealer
This extra large dildo measures
12 inches overall, 9.5 insertable and 2.25 inches thick. He has a long veined flexible shaft.
Wf Star PerformerBlockbuster
The length is 11.5 inches, (8.5 insertable) and 2.2 inches wide. It's also equipped with a suction cup base for hands free sexual adventures.
Cock with BallsGaint Cock with Balls
He's made from PVC which means he's soft and flexible. He measures 11 inches long and a whopping 2.9 inches thick. Pour on the lube, he's a big boy.
extra large dildosThe Natural
This extra large dido measures a whopping 12 inches long and 1.8 inches thick. He's made from a soft and flexible PVC.
Extreme Dong 14inExtreme Dong 14inch
This bad boy is 14 inches long, 12 insertable and 2.35 inches wide. It's made from soft sensuous feeling PVC. Add lube and have fun.
Dick RamboneDick Rambone
Dick's bone measures 16.75 inches long, 13.4" are insertable, he's 2.8" thick. It's long shaft is made from flexible  PVC. Use lots of lubrication on this extra large dildo.
The MatadorHard Steel
If you're looking for an extra large dildo, look no further, this big guy measures overall 11.5" with 10" insertable. He measures 2.5" in width, he's a big fat dildo, use lots of lube. 
LA SpecialTowering Tyrone
Want something a little different, this bad boy's shaft has veins for extra stimuation. He's 11 inches long with l0 insertable, and 2.5' thick.
Hoss BlackHoss Black
This extra large dildo is made from hygienic silicone. He measures 11" long and 2.5". Great quality and very easy to keep clean.
Great American Challenge DildoGreat American Challenge Dildo
This is a huge dildo measuring 14.5" long (11 insertable) and from 2.25 to 2.75 inches thick.
Wildfire star performerWildfire star performer
This extra large dildo measures overall 17", 13.25 insertable and 2.9" thick. He's made from a very real feeling PVC that's soft and flexible. 
Cyberskin Gonzo CockCyberskin Gonzo
He's very popular because he has a very lifelike feel.  He measures 11" long and 2.5" thick, use an adequate amount of water base lube. Watch the informational video on this dildo.  

It's obvious to most of us that many of these actors are making a living with their large manhood. If you have a favorite porn actor, you'll likely find a dildo representing his erect cock. If you've ever envisioned having sex with him, using his dildo is as close as you're likely to get, many are molded directly from the star's prized anatomy. Do you remember John Holmes, wow, he was well hung, now there are many pornstars with huge cocks, Ron Jeremy, Shane Diesel, Chad Hunt just to name a few. These extra large dildos are exciting to think about, but use caution and don't overload your vagina or anus.

Realistic Bam CockBam Cock
This whopper measures overall 12.6 inches long, 9.6 insertable and 2.6 inches thick. He has a suction cup base.
Jeff StrykerJeff Stryker
This pornstar extra large dildo measures 10.2 inches overall, 8 insertable and 2.5 inches across. He has a sexy curve with a suction cup base.
Tyler Knight's Futurotic CockAron Ridge Super Cock
He's made from lifelike feeling material that has a realistic feel. He's 9.5" long and 2" wide. The long flexible shaft has veins with balls and a suction cup base.
Shane Diesel DildoShane Diesel
The oveall length is 10 inches long and 2.1 inches thick. Made from the flexible PVC rubber with a realistic feel.
Black ThunderBlack Thunder
This extra large dildo is 12.3 inches long with 9.6 inches insertable, he's 2 inches thick. He's equipped with a suction cup base for hands free experiences.
James Deen Realistic CockRob Piper
He measures 10.6" inches long and 2.2 inches thick. He's made from the realistic feeling Ultraskyn material with a suction cup base.
Ron Jeremy dildoRon Jeremy
This pornstar dildo measures 9.75 inches with 8" insertable and 1.75" thick and has a suction cup base with a set of balls.
Michael LucasMichael Lucas
He's made of SensaFirm and measures 8.5 inches long, 7 inches that's insertable.
Brad StoneBrad Stone
This extra large dildo
has a long shaft with veins, he measures 11.5" long with 10" insertable and 2.5" thick.
Chad HuntChad Hunt
Overall he measures more than a foot long with 11 inches insertable and 2.3 inches thick.
Use Plenty of lube.
John HolmesJohn Holmes
Big John's extra large dildo measures 12.7" long with 9.9" insertable and a whopping 2.4 inches wide. He's been a favorite for a long time.
Marco BlazeRaging Cockstars
He measures 13" long (10 insertable) and 2.5" wide. Use plenty of lubricant with these giant dildos for maximum pleasure.

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The styles of extra large dildos are almost endless and there are also many different types of materials to choose from as well. The ones made from PVC (aka jelly rubber) is probably the most widely used because they're less expensive, they warm quickly to body temperature, they're very flexible with an excellent sensuous feel. These dildos are available in many colors and are very appealing to the eye, some even have a fruity scent, but many have a plastic smell. The down side is this material is a little more porous and requires extra care in cleaning, generally warm soap and water is all that's required if it's for vaginal use only, however, the use of a condom makes clean up a breeze. You may also choose to use a commercial sex toy cleaner, these products work very well.

If you want one that has a very life-like feel you'll want to try one made from Cyberskin, Futurotic, UR3, Pleasureskin and several other new materials. They are the closest you can get to real skin, they're very soft, smooth and totally flexible. This material is very porous so your sex toy will have to be cleaned and disinfected after each use, but that should be the case with any sex toy. Again, warm water and a mild soap or a commercial toy cleaner works very well.

Some that are made from silicone are a bit more expensive, they are very smooth, flexible and have a velvety feel, they warms to body temperature quickly and retains the heat well. They are available in many colors and sizes, they are non porous and very easy to clean by simply soaking in boiling water if you feel you need more than warm water and soap. These sex toys will last a life time with proper care.

Many women love the dildos made from glass, they are the smoothest and many are beautiful works of art. Many are hand blown which makes them a bit more expensive but will last a lifetime. They are very strong and will not break in use. They surprisingly hold body temperature very nicely and being non-porous makes cleaning them a breeze. One of these beautiful glass dildos is a must for your sex toy chest or you might want to display it on your mantel for a conversation piece.