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Black Thunder Realistic Cock 12 Inches Brown

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(33 Reviews)
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Product Details

  • Weight: 2.40 lbs
  • Width: 2.30 Inches
  • Length: 11.50 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 9.60 Inches
  • Features: Made in USA ,
    Made in USA - Made in USA products are manufacturer in the United States of America.
    Suction Cup
    Suction Cup - A round piece attached to a toy that sticks to a flat surface by producing a vacuum. This allows for hands free play.
  • Materials: PVC
    PVC - PVC, sometimes referred to as jelly, is a plastic made more flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers or phthalates. Some odor is usually detectable with PVC toys. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Brown
  • Texture: Veiny
    Veiny - Quality of raised markings that bear a physical resemblance to the veins on a penis.
  • Shapes: Phallic ,
    Phallic - Resembles a penis.
    Curved - Has a gentle bend or arch.
  • Pornstars: Black Thunder
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • UPC: 782421449506
  • SKU: DJ8180-01
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Product Description

Black Thunder Realistic Cock Box Huge 12 curved black rubber cock with balls and suction cup. There is nothing subtle about the Black Thunder Realistic Dong from Doc Johnson. Porn phenomenon Black Thunders staggering foot-long offers the full 12 of true to life 10 inches of insertable length. Suction cup base to keep it in place.

Made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials PVC, Sil-A-Gel. Features: 12 inches Cock with Balls, R5, Suction Cup Base, Molded from Black Thunder, Phallic Head, Veined Texture, Soft, Flexible, Firm, PVC, Non-Phthalate, Anti-Bacterial Sil-A-Gel, Black. Realistic Black Thunder Cock from Doc Johnson Novelties the Great American Toy Company. Made in the USA.

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33 Reviews
The Big Kahuna
Feb 13, 2016
My girlfriend and I enjoy all sorts of sex play...kind of trysexual...will try anything at least once. She loves it all including anal. I bought this monster in our constant quest for something different. She had no idea it was lurking in the sheets as I was working her over with my mouth and a nice sized 2x8" dildo. When she was worked up to a fevered pitch, I eased this bad boy into the picture. I have never seen anything like it she came, squirted and came again all the while begging me to stop, no don't stop, yes stop no don't etc. She finally just all but passed out from the banging I gave her with it. We recovered and the next time she said that thunder needed to go in her an hour of fucking her pussy with her other toy I finally got thunder work into her ass balls deep. She was on all fours and finally collapsed from the excitement. I left them both in her and got some great pics. Later she told me the next time it was my turn..thats tonight!...Great investment in our bedroom life.
Dildo king
Aug 25, 2015
I have just one
I have just one and I love to bury it in my wife's pussy and asshole so deep that you can only see the suction cup , then I pull it out and Deep Throat it so I can taste or deep pussy and ass juices . We love it. I'm thinking of attaching it to a reciprocating saw so that I can really jackhammer on her pussy and ass
Dec 18, 2014
Wife Tammy is now a Black Cock Size Queen
I introduced my wife Tammy to dildo's a number of years ago and at that time she thought a 6" dildo was big. I slowly worked her up in size from a 6" jelly and then to an 8" DJ realistic.Even though she "seemed' to like and we had fun with it, she always let me know she was "doing" it for me. A year or so later I came across Black Thunder and loved the idea of seeing my teacher wife fucking this monster cock. Again, she couldn't believe how huge it was..but this time agreed to let me use it on her. Sometimes she would enjoy and like it others times not so much, claiming she didn't like the bend or it felt too big for her little pussy. Now 4 years later Tammy has one or usually two pussy clenching orgasms fucking this gigantic black
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 10, 2012
Smelly Thunder
Size and appearance are good and it comes with its own carry bag. The smell was extremely strong right out of the box. Almost overwhelming, my wife thought. Haven't used it on her yet but after washing the thing a couple times it still has a very strong odor, which is a turn-off for her.
MJ Verified Buyer
May 21, 2012
im a straight male but recently ive been curious about sucking a bbc im far too nervous and inexpeirienced to approach a black man so i decided to buy this product...first of all its huge and heavy at least a pound and it looks so real and life like only negative and this is due to the way i choose to use it, is that it leaves a rubbery taste in my mouth but it fades away after a 1/2 hour or so lol anyways hopefully with a little more practice i will be ready to hit up some chocolate stallion on craig list with confidence!!! thanks "BLACK THUNDER"
cummer Verified Buyer
Feb 20, 2012
cheyenne Verified Buyer
Feb 8, 2012
i bought this dildo back in 2002 and fell in love with it this dildo feels so good and works you out real good if you ever wanted to know how it feels to have a big black cock in your ass then this is the dildo for you ,.. no other compares to BLACK THUNDER it is good thick and this dido will last and BIG BLACK is what i call my dildo , have been happy for many many years ..
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 16, 2011
one of the best
I bought this dildo n as soon as I got it home, I was naked and lubed trying to sit on this monster, it stretched my ass n made me cum just sliding it in. Now I can't get enough of this big cock, Now to only find a guy built like this.
BearStar Verified Buyer
May 9, 2007
Review of DJ8180-01
M Verified Buyer
Mar 28, 2007
Review of DJ8180-01
Hubby bought this without my knowledge. Seems that while we were watching a porn film it was something I said about black men. Hubby called from work and told me hed be home and for me to get my shower. I knew what this meant. After he arrived I was nearly finished when he said that tonite was the nite. He showered and I wondered what he had meant. He set up our webcam and in a few seconds had this dildo and the lube. I was shocked ! He said remember what you said about black men? Well here is your chance, and was tonguing me for a bit but with the webcam on . I was scared and sure enough he brought this dildo to my pussy and started some rubbing then told me to grab it and masturbate it. WOW! It was about half way in and he said to do it like it was the real thing. Little did he know that was exactly what I had in mind. I was getting braver for sure and soon was pumping my pussy with some serious deep, and hard strokes that a climax was building. I was past the point of quiting and was wanting more. When my right hand and arm was tiring he told me to use both hands so I could do myself better. This was fantastic and oh my God what a turn on knowing he was making me do it and letting anyone watch. I was in pure delight knowing this and knowing that he wanted me to keep on until I squirted several times. Then he took over and said to enjoy it and was burying it in me and slowly withdrawing about half and then repeating by burying it again and again. Eventua
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 22, 2007
Review of DJ8180-01
My girlfriend laughed when I showed this to her and only reluctantly agreed to try it, convinced it wouldnt fit. Was she ever surprised.She now loves this toy and it will be a regular for us.
maria Verified Buyer
Mar 1, 2007
Review of DJ8180-01
After arriving home from a night of drinking and dancing my hubby told me to get ready to see his new surprise for me. I freshened up and came out in my robe when he told me to lay down. As he got the lube I opened the robe and opened my legs. Under the other pillow was this dildo. I was taken by surprise as it was very big. He rubbed it on my clit a bit in firm circular motion and then slowly inserted it making me take almost all of it in one steady stroke. He told me to grab it and to masturbate while he watched. I was slow at first but was really getting hot. Then I saw the webcam was lit and knew he was letting anybody watch! I couldnt believe it but it was too late. I started getting really brave and pumping myself faster was cumming in no time. As I caught my breath he encouraged more and I unashamedly obeyed much to his delight. This dildo is awesome and worth every penny. Thank you dear hubby---whats next?
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 27, 2006
Review of DJ8180-01
Hubby introduced me to dildos four years ago. He had several but only about eight inches and some that vibrated. We graduated to some larger ones like the Kevin Dean, and the Natural. One evening he wanted to blindfold me and I knew Id be in for a new thrill. After my eyes were blindfolded he led me into the dining room and had me lay on a blanket after he had me remove my thong and my nightie. I was told to lie down and he began toying my moistness with this dildo. As he inserted it I began to really enjoy it. His slowly pumping my pussy was pure heaven. It felt like it was going in a bit further and further and I couldnt believe the size! I have never tried a real black man but this was as close as it gets! I was on my second orgasm when he removed the blindfold and I saw only then the webcam was on! I played along and he had me use it myself for a third squirting orgasm! He has many more nights like this for me I know. This is truly a multiple orgasmic dildo girls!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 29, 2006
Review of DJ8180-01
man!! what a screamer. The liquid this produces is amazing. like heaven gravy
Tara Verified Buyer
Nov 20, 2006
Review of DJ8180-01
My husband recetly told me of a fantasy of his...which is watching me take a big black cock.He bought this and i love it. Weve even decided to do the real thing. I love watching my husband stroke his little 3 1/2 inch pecker while im taking a huge black cock!! LADIES IF YOURE SICK OF YOUR MANS LITTLE PRICK THAN DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BUY THIS!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 9, 2006
Review of DJ8180-01
If you like em big, buy this one!!! I became use to the smaller 6-8 inch dildos so, I decided to go big. I was unsure if I could fit that huge thing inside me. When I got home I tried it out, it was definitely very big and I could only get about half in. One day, I was determined to get it all in so I sat down on it and went for it. Minutes later I took about 75% of it. Once I got use to it, I got it all in but as it completely filled me up, I started to cum!! I love it and its the only one I use now!!
Teri Verified Buyer
Oct 7, 2006
Review of DJ8180-01
Well ladies, what can I say? This is the shit! It is hard, huge and hot. I have never seen or felt anything like it before. When I picked it up at the post office I was nervous as hell incase the staff had an idea of what I had in the package. I got out to my car and sat there for a while wondering what to do. So I decided to open the box and make sure it wasnt damaged. My hands were shaking as I pulled the seal form the box and slipped the massive man meat out into my hands. I was already steaming down below just from opening the box! I was parked in the corner of the post office and nobody was near so I let the monster caress my now very wet lacy shorts under my mini skirt. I was besides myself in no time and could already feel an orgasm building. I slipped it inside the leg of the shorts and rubbed it up and down my soaked lips. With one leg up on the dash I managed to get about half of it inside me and started to cum immediately. I was moaning really loud and fucking myself hard with it as another climax approached fast. The seat was wet and I was in heaven. After about half an hour and of the best orgasms I have ever had I lowered my leg from the dash and left the huge dildo resting between my soaked thighs. It was then I noticed a black man about 30 years old standing at the side of my car staring at my crotch. I asked him what he was doing and he saidenjoying the show. I blushed and was speechless, how long had he been there? He said he was a trucker passing throug
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 13, 2006
Review of DJ8180-01
My wife loves sitting on this big dildo while sucking my dick at the same time.I like to see her fucking this big dick.We got the bam going to try it out.
unasegaperte Verified Buyer
Dec 28, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
FANTASTIC !!! I have used in anus is very very HUGE
Karen Verified Buyer
Dec 28, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
I love this dildo.After my boy friend licks my pussy and slides his finger deep inside me.I beg him to fuck me with this.I am so petite but after this huge cock stretches me I take it all in me.Then I swivel and fuck it hard.I orgasm so hard my pussy pulls it out of my boy friends hand as my body wraps around it and I orgasm for so long.
Joey The Boy-Toy Verified Buyer
Dec 13, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
This one is just great,amazing how it feels deep inside !It really reminds me of some huge Black men Ive had sex with!!!!
C man Verified Buyer
Oct 9, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
This is the best dong I have. It took a while to get it all in my ass but once I did WOW! The feeling was estatic. I never knew my ass could cum but it did. Ill never buy another unless I wear this one out.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 21, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
it fucks like a horse it just is fantastic to have this in my pussy
john Verified Buyer
Sep 21, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
This toy works a treat!! The curve hits places that other dildos usually dont. The texture feels great on your asslips going in and out. I use this a lot after opening up with smaller ones. This is the one I like to cum with. Worth every penny!!
InNeedOfBigDicks Verified Buyer
Sep 1, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
I love this big guy. The only reason I did not say that everyone will like this is becuase of the curve. The curve is great and unique but my ass would go crazy if it were straight, a totally different monster. I am 5 foot 5 inches and 140 pounds and it is just amazing to watch my tiny lttle asian ass take this monster. My dick is only about 6 inches so I just worship big dicks and have fantasies about doing the real thing. Until then I will keep playing with this beautiful man meat. Now if only the made one of Mandingo... yum...16 inches..
Assisopen4gangfuckingbynolessthan12cock Verified Buyer
Aug 28, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
Black thunder was more like an earthquake of the highest seismic intensity that shook deep in my loins and leveled off when all 12 inches finally was rammed as far as it could humanly be rammed in my asshole.I ascend high and drop down hard and repeat . My newly Lubed anus now has many hard tools waiting to pound my ass into a sodomized gaping crater full of cumloads.As soon as I pull out black thunder I welcome one large cock in my ass and then another is pushed past my rectum now wider than ever.DPd and probed with all the fucking meat and latex I could ever want ,I cum and cum while my ass and mouth are drilled and cum filled by all 6 men and their cocks.I owe it all to black thunder for enabling my ass to be plundered.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 20, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
my hubby bought this for me. i was scared at first but my god it is amazing. he took off the suction cup base and it fits perfectly on the vac-u-loc harness. he wears it for me and blindfoldes me. ladies this is a must have :)
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 2, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
I love this big boy! Hes got a great curve and it feels so good going into my hott white butt! I can take about ten inches now and he fills my butt up so good!!! I use him to get my butt hole ready for Kong. Hes great to suck too! Make sure to use plenty of water based lube.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 19, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
Best dong ive ever had. I had been wanting something big for a long time and this mean piece of man meat is the best. This dong hit places that I didnt know I had. It cause me to cum without touching my dick while shoving in and out of my ass. Had to try it in my car before going back home from a local park.
pork dagger Verified Buyer
May 1, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
this is pricy but it seems when you pay a lot you get better product my wife likes it a lot but she dont know what I paid for it great buy if it was just a little cheaper
bonnie Verified Buyer
Jan 28, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
What a boy friend gave this cock to me .he wants me to use it when i screw my husband.what a waste of time (husband).this is a must toy buy it . the closest thing to a black mans cock i have found.
ANALYMOUS Verified Buyer
Jan 26, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
THIS COCK ROCKS! Being not as HUGE as some, its the perfect cock for anyone who wants to step it up a notch. The original shape and detailing also makes this a must have! WILL SOMEONE( JUST PLEASE ASK DOC JOHNSON TO MAKE THIS OUT OF THE NEW ULTRA REALISTIC SKIN MATERIAL!? Id even pay a bit more for this masterpiece!
taleisha the ho Verified Buyer
Jan 23, 2005
Review of DJ8180-01
This baby made me scream. Dont be decieved by the picture, this cock is HUGE. Its a little bigger than Im used to, but when my girlfriend used it on me the first time I thought Id never swallow it all. I was a little sore the next day, but my girlfriend and I are working on it. Chow and Enjoy. T_BELL